created by Jules De Guzman (Pronouns: they, them, theirs) using Inform7.

Dec 5, 2017

CW: Suggestions of self harm and suicide.

This piece aims to push a certain perspective that might not necessarily align with the player's own personal experiences. The environment is intentionally surreal, pulling elements inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Twilight Zone, and a little bit of Black Mirror.  Poetry is also incorporated in order to reflect on intense experiences. 

Field of Flowers

taken in 2016, Nikon D3100 by Jules D.

In order to navigate the space:

Use North, South, East, and West directions (which can be abbreviated to N, S, E, W) to explore different areas of the environment. 

Think of various verbs (eg. look, examine, touch, take, break etc.) to interact with a noun relative to the game (eg. scenery, body, object, etc). 


get lost. explore. search for whatever feels missing.


(note: Images are created by Jules De Guzman Photography)

(extra note: I plan on expanding on this because there's so much detail to explore myself, so if you as a player feel as though the experience is missing something vital, pls feel free to comment any concerns or suggestions. Thank you for trying this out!)

(last and final extra note: Donate to me by Venmo if you can pls: @jusdeguz)

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